What We Do

At HeartScreen Health we aim to bring patients with heart disease together with cardiologists who can treat them by making telemedicine easier. Heart disease is the most common cause death in the United States, but most patients can’t easily access a cardiologist when they needone. Telemedicine connects patients with the doctors they need, but currently, doctors are unable to listen to heart sounds during telemedicine, making it difficult to diagnose heart disease.

HeartScreen’s innovative telemedicine toolkit lets doctors listen to heart sounds during telemedicine. HeartScreen’s app turns the microphone of a patient’s smartphone into a stethoscope, so that a doctor can listen to that patient’s heart from anywhere in the world. No equipment other than a smartphone is needed. HeartScreen’s app automatically captures heart sounds and transmits the recorded sounds to the doctor’s computer, letting the doctor make a diagnosis. HeartScreen Health is revolutionizing telemedicine for patients with heart disease.